If Research Were Romance and Other Implausible Conjectures

If Research Were Romance and Other Implausible Conjectures - Manny Rayner I heard some scratching in the dining room. When I entered to check out the sound, I saw Maslow scratching his claws on the table.

"MASLOW! STOP THA..." Then I noticed that the scratches had a certain symmetry as it might be some form of Cattish language.

"Maslow. What exactly are you doing?"

"Well, I noticed that there has been a slew of Goodreads reviews that are warning me not to read certain authors, so I'm making a list"

"Maslow, most of the current reviews like the couple for Manny's book are clever protests to Goodreads' new policy of removing what they consider offensive posts that review the author rather than the book. They are also allegedly removing shelves like "Do not read this author" and "Authors behaving badly". But I'm curious. Who is on your list so far?"

I've got Adolph Hitler, David Irving, William Luther Pierce, Joseph Nicolai, Orson Scott Card and Manny Rayner."

"Wait a minute. That must be wrong. Five of those people are either racist assholes or homophobic bigots. But Manny Rayner is a decent guy. I'm sure someone is just making a point."

"Like what?"

That Goodreads' new policy is totally arbitrary. Someone on the staff checks out the flags and makes a decision on whether the post violates their policy. In this case, meaning, are they attacking the author or making a legitimate point about the author and his relation to his works. In other words, something the average Goodreads reader can do very well on their own. Clearly to the Goodreads staff, It must be a safer action to bend to the squeaky wheel and censor the people on goodreads than telling immature reviewers and authors to grow up and deal with it."

Ashley took a look at the posts, "This is interesting. In order to post something and say you won't read it, you have to click on the button that says you want to read it.

"Yeah," I said. Rather ironic, isn't it."

"What's "ironic"?

I ignored that. But Fanci decided to pipe in with, "Maybe Manny is on the list because he hates cats."

"No." I replied. "I'm sure Manny likes cats or at least tolerates them. The posts are there just to show the silliness of this new policy."

"Or to warn people he hates cats."

"HE DOESN"T HATE CA...look Fanci, If made a shelf titled "Authors who hate broccoli". That is my choice. Should broccoli haters be able to force Goodreads to remove my shelf? I think not. Actually sometimes "Don't read this author" shelves or posts can be helpful for a different reason. It tells me the reviewer has a bias, legitimate or otherwise, toward that author. That is more honest than writing a scathing review without telling me the motive or context."

But Fanci was on a different track. "Maybe I should make a shelf about people who hate cats."

"And who would be on it?

For starters; Anne Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck."

"But those are all Fox News commentators:

"I know. You can't stand them so I figure they must hate cats"

I thought for a minute. "You know, Fanci. With that type of logic, you might be able to get a job working for Goodreads."