Psycho Save Us

Psycho Save Us - Chad Huskins Chad Huskins' Psycho Save Us is a difficult book to pigeon-hole. It is horrific but not a horror novel. There are essential supernatural elements but they are secondary to the interplay of emotions and socio-psychological tragedy that is so prevalent throughout. Call this a psychological supernatural-horror-thriller if you must but the fact that this strange and often unpleasant but fascinating novel does not cater to the reader's expectations is its biggest strength. Chadkin's novel may seem an easy read due to the author's fast paced style, his sure grasp of plotting and the ability to keep the reader's involvement. But it is relentlessly downbeat even through all the non-stop action. The plot involves two small girls who are kidnapped by a child porn ring. Their only hope for rescue relies on the psychic connection between one of the girls and a escaped convict/psychopath. Even though this connection is mostly unexplained, the author builds it up well. Spencer Pelletier may be one of the most scary and unlikable "heroes" I've ever seen but he is a writer's dream; complex and mysterious. Kaley is a believable girl with psychic powers she barely understand. A minor issue is that her character is so strong that it weakens the depiction of her sister. But much of the success in this story hinges on the interactions between Kaley and Spencer and that is what drives this tense tale.

Overall this is a emotionally rough read and I cannot understate that this book is often tough going in theme and plot. Yet those who like their thrillers to be immersed in the frequently distasteful undertones of real life will enjoy this novel. For that matter, anyone who enjoy masterful and courageous storytelling will not be disappointed. I give it a high recommendation and four and a half stars.