Beowulf - Unknown,  Francis Barton Gummere I am actually listening to the Librivox audio edition of the Gummere translation.


Finished it. I suspect this audio edition was not a wise choice. While the Librivox readings can be rather good, the readers (there were more than one) sounded like they were having trouble with the Old English. I kept wishing that someone like Patrick Stewart was reading this. Also, I've been told that the Gummere translation is far from being the best translation.

Yet I'm not sure I would have cared for this in any translation. I understand its supreme importance as literature and I know it is basically a archetype for every hero saga to follow. However, to me its appeal is mainly historical; to see where we began. I'm glad I read it, or more precisely listened to it, but I guess I'm more of a Star Wars kind of guy. Now on to [b:Grendel|676737|Grendel|John Gardner||1348308] which I suspect will be more my style.