Clickers - J. F. Gonzalez;Mark Williams In the past month I have embarked on a quest to find the most disturbing horror novel ever. I have since encountered zombies, cannibals, mad doctors, werewolves, and even a redneck mutant psycho family. Now I have crabs.

These are not ordinary garden variety crabs. These suckers are huge and more like a cross between lobsters and scorpions. J.. F. Gonzalez's novel Clickers starts out as a tribute to those old mutant monster movies from the 50's and 60s. It has a great build-up as it sets the stage and then brings in the attackers and the ensuing gore and mayhem. Unfortunately it falls off track in two ways. He has too many characters whom he sets up as possible sub-plots and then just slaughters them off causing the reader to wonder why we received any back-story. Also the giant crustaceans known as Clickers quickly become an afterthought to another dark threat. Frankly I liked the clickers more than the new threat. It was like the author was thinking, "Do I want to write a scary piece of horror candy or do I want to write an epic?" never quite making up his mind. Clickers is a neat little horror romp as it is but I thought it could have been better.