Kayla and the Devil

Kayla and the Devil - Bryan Smith Kayla is a beautiful but self-centered college girl. But for some strange reason, people have shunned her. She can't even get the nerdiest guy on campus to shag her. What could possibly be causing her misery?

Hint: Read the title.

But don't worry 'cause it's nothing that a deal with the devil won't fix. But there is another catch. Kayla has to kill someone to cement the deal or be a pariah the rest of her life.

I have a soft spot for "deal with the devil" stories and this is a good one. Kayla may be unlikable but she isn't evil. Demolishing people with sharp words may be easy for her...but murder? The fun in this novel is trying to figure out how Kayla will outwit the devil and save her soul...or maybe she won't. It's a kick finding out if she does.

But be warned. This is a first in a series. There is a satisfying ending but there is also a tease for Book II. Normally I do not care for that sort of thing, but I must admit I'm intrigued.