The Roadrunner

The Roadrunner - James W. Cornett I love roadrunners. You can see a lot of them in the desert, usually running across the road playing Chicken with your car. But since I moved to a retirement community, I noticed how many of them hang out in the our suburban community with very little fear of people. I usually find one every other day on my porch. Drives my indoor cats nuts. This little book explains why there are so many roadrunners in this area. The suburban area brings lot of water and lots of lizards, rodents and bugs. It's sort of a roadrunner version of Old Country Buffet. But better yet, no kids. Roadrunners hate kids but they seem OK with us old folks.

James W. Cornett is a Southern Californian naturalist who specializes in desert wildlife. This 64 page book of his has pretty much anything you want to know about roadrunners (HINT: they don't go MEEP MEEP!) It's a bit overpriced at 15 bucks but it is still entertaining and informative. Has great photos too. It would be a great gift for your kids.