Why Romney Lost - David Frum This short book was recommended by CNN reporter Fareed Zakaria on his weekly TV show, GPS. It may be the best single summary of why Romney lost in 2012. The most important thing is that this book is written by a staunch if moderately-to-the-right Republican strategist. He saw that Romney would lose the election a month or so before, while other Republican predicted victory, and started putting his thoughts on paper, which explains why this little tome came out so quickly. More importantly, he is right on track. While Romney complains that he lost because Obama gave the 47 percent "gift", Frum discusses how the Republican party lost the middle class and strayed from their more inclusive policies of the 80s' and 90s. This is not a wild eyed gloat by a democrat but someone who is truly worried that his party will no longer be taken seriously by the American public. And judging by the way this new year has started with the GOP sticking to Fiscal Cliff hostage taking and catering to the NRA lobbyists, I'm afraid he may be right.