The Best Supernatural Tales of Algernon Blackwood

The Best Supernatural Tales of Algernon Blackwood - Algernon Blackwood, Felix Morrow An old volume of 26 Blackwood tales that have been on my shelf for decades and forgotten. Wiped the dust off of it and plan to read a story each morning on my patio. Unfortunately "The Willows" is not among the stories. That's OK. I have that separately on an ebook.


I wrote the above over 2 years ago and just realized I never finished my review. It's a pretty good collection but not a best-of as the title implied. In fact, this book is made of selections from a previous collection titled Strange Stories from 1929. The best and most known work here is "The Man who the Trees Loved". Most of Blackwood's more famous tales are missing like the previously mentioned "The Willows" and "The Wendigo". Still, any Blackwood short fiction is worth reading and this is a very good anthology.