Orphan - Robert Stallman has something in common with Stieg Larsson. Like the author of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Stallman sold three books of what is known as The Book of the Beast trilogy but died before publication of any of them. Unfortunately, Stallman's estate didn't reap the reward the the Larsson estate did, The Orphan being the first, is largely forgotten. It's an interesting take on the shapeshifter theme featuring a boy with unusual gifts living with a mid-west rural family. Nicely written, at times it hints of Bradbury, but just not different enough to be special. Worth reading, this first book being the best of the three.

Update: Re-read in December of 2012. The above was written based on the memory of my first reading a decade ago yet what I wrote pretty much rings true now. Still a good read and one that should be more popular than it is. I'll move it up to three and a half stars.