The Grind Show

The Grind Show - Phil Tucker This is quite different from Philip Tucker's [b:Crude Sunlight|12446736|Crude Sunlight|Philip Tucker||17429766] yet very similar. Both books are horror and both books has the struggle against good and evil as the major theme. They both frame this struggle in a spiritual if not necessarily religious way. Yet Crude Sunlight is quietly scary implying much of its terror. The Grind Room is a roller coaster ride with one action packed scene after another. Tucker's demons are definitely made from nightmares and the protagonist Jason and his cohorts are reluctant and troubled heroes. Yet there is much more than slash-and-burn here. Demon hunter Jason struggles with his fate and when he is inadvertently connected with a demon soul, life becomes even more confusing. I like the mental struggles between good and evil that are in this novel as well as the more violent types. They elevate it to more than just another demon gore fest. Another excellent novel from a new and promising author.