Bright Black Moon (Vampires in Devil Town Book Two)

Bright Black Moon - Wayne Hixon In this sequel to Vampires in Devil Town, our two protagonists are carrying around a novel by the same name which is self-described as "pure fiction written by a man of questionable talent". Interesting. Because as much as I liked Vampires in Devil Town I described it in my review as a work whose author's imagination sometimes ran ahead of his control. In other words, a guilty pleasure. Mr. Hixon must have had some kind of supernatural transformation himself. Because in Bright Black Moon, I'll have to throw out the word "quilty" and admit that the author can't just write. He can WRITE!

Bright Black Moon still has all the kink, gore and violence of the first novel but now there is a constant intensity that permeates the story and we have full blooded protagonists that manages to go beyond comic book. Hixon has discovered structure and development yet keeps the feeling that he is about to go over the edge. He has gone beyond the usual vampire/witch shtick of most beginning writers and has discovered his own original alternate universe. This bodes well for the series and I am looking forward to the next one. As for Mr. Hixon, the next time he refers to himself in his novels he can feel confident enough to lose the word, "questionable". Lynchville's got talent.