Tick Tock - James Patterson, Michael Ledwidge SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE!!!!!

I have no idea whether the above statement is actually true but I would bet my Kindle on it. This flashy but unsubstantial thriller has movie deal written all over it and has all the pitfalls that a slick blockbuster film would have. First, there is a super-sensationalist plot. Why have just a terrorist or a serial killer when you can wrap up both in the same package? Throw in a little romance...no...make that two romances..that have no connection to the story and let's have a sub-plot that make you care for the hero but again has no connection to the rest of the movie. Gaping plot holes? The audience won't notice if you wow them with violence and totally unbelievable villains.

Am I being cynical? Am I being melodramatic? Probably. I've been accused of both before but this formulaic over-the-top novel is a sad reflection of the state of the bestseller suspense genre. Patterson turns them out faster than the colonel fries chicken. I must admit the beginning had me hooked but it eventually falls apart when we learn the identity of the killer way too early and it descends into a long chase. I actually liked the sub-plot better where a vacationing Detective Bennett and his ten children are harassed by a local family. There was some promise of character development. But that came to a halt early only to return in a feel-good, and artificial ending. I teetered between two stars and a generous three stars on this. However I will have to go with two stars because there are way too many good thrillers out there to waste your time on this one.