Charla - Alexander Beresford Charla hates her daughter, Amelie. In passive-aggressive Mommy Dearest style, she tries to make her daughter's life as miserable as possible while keeping up the front of loving mother. However, as Amelie grows up relatively undaunted and Charla's own marriage begins to crumble, Charla decides she needs to bring out the big guns.

Alexander's demonic romp titled Charla is a mean little book. It is deliciously mean in the way of Desperate Housewives meets The Exorcist. It is horrific with a slight touch of dark comedy. Half the time, I didn't know whether to hate Charla because she is so evil or root for her because she is so epically evil. On the other hand, I didn't know whether to root for Amelie because she is so nice and undeserving of her fate or kick her in the butt hoping to knock the Pollyanna out of her. In other words, the author's depiction of his characters were strong enough for me to care about but complex enough for me to become caught off balance in the terrifying action that was bound to occur. Overall, it is a delightful excursion in demonic horror fiction with a strangely satisfying ending. I recommend this novel to anyone looking for something a little different in the horror genre.