Micro - Michael Crichton, Richard Preston There should be a law against authors finishing up other authors' books. It never ends well.

But I do not think Richard Preston did all that much damage to the novel. In fact, from the unfinished introduction by Michael Crichton at the beginning of the book, Crichton appears to be in his preachy mode as he was in his most annoying books like his Japanophobic Rising Sun and his rant against the idea of global warming titled State of Fear. The fact that Crichton was already writing an intro may be a hint that most of the book was finished anyways. If this was the case, Preston managed to erase any of Crichton usually annoying rants and toned it down to a straight-forward techno-thriller.

The problem is that it isn't a very good techno-thriller to begin with. To be honest, I think Prey was the last good novel Crichton wrote and Micro did not convince me that the author was due for any kind of revival of creativity before his untimely death. In this unfinished novel, it is impossible to tell where Crichton starts and where he left us. This is probably a nod of admiration in how well Preston merges their styles. Yet Micro never steps off on its own to begin with. One-dimensional evil genius grapples with under-rated if whiny graduate students is as far as any character development goes. As for the plot, it is equal parts, Asimov's Fantastic Voyage, Dr Cyclops, and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, all being better if not as technically knowledgeable as Crichton and Preston. Micro certainly will not sully the reputation of Michael Crichton but it doesn't bode well for a last bow either.