Skeleton Crew - Stephen King King's second short fiction collection. These are fully formed, mature fiction unlike the excellent but uneven stories that appeared in his first collection, Night Shift. Some of my favorite King tales are here including "The Raft", "Mrs. Todd's Shortcut", "The Monkey", and "The Reach". But the hightlight is the novella (novelette?), "The Mist", one of King's most creepy and successful voyages into science-fiction horror.

A comment about the story "Survivor Type". I find the story behind this tale interesting. I first read about this story in Danse Macabre. King was writing about the idea that he could "get his laundry list published". As proof that this was not true, he recalled a piece of fiction he wrote about a doctor on a deserted island who amputates his body parts and eats them to survive. He stated he submitted this story everywhere and no one would touch it. Shortly after reading that, I read the 'unpublishable' "Survivor Type" in Whispers Magazine, a small press horror periodical. So I guess King can get his laundry list published. However, it is a great story. Just don't read it before dinner.