Akhenaten: Dweller in Truth - Naguib Mahfouz, Tagreid Abu-Hassabo This is the second novel by Naguib Mahfouz I've read. The first one was The Thief and The Dogs Mahfouz is likely to become another one of my favorite authors. Akhenaten is a fictional account of the Egyptian pharaoh that espoused what was probably the world's first Monotheistic religion. Mahfouz tells his story through the viewpoint of 14 different persons including Queen Nefertiti. This Rashomon styled tale doesn't come to any conclusion. In fact, we learn more about the people around Akhenaten than the pharaoh himself. Yet the novel is beautifully written and the theme of how so people see and interpret the same events diferently is what makes this story come alive. Recommended especially from those interest in Ancient Egypt.