Primitive - Mark Nykanen, Deborah Smith OH MY GOD! This is excruciatingly bad! This novel has managed to descend to levels of suckness that has never been reached before. This is the Krubera Cave of suckness.

And that is a big disappointment. For this is a thriller that also attempts to deal with the issue of global warning. My own opinions side with the opinions of the author; that global warning is real and is at least partially caused by man's actions. Yet if I was on the fence this book would send me screaming over to the other side. It is a lesson in how not to write a propaganda novel.

Despite the risk of my lower intestine rebelling, I will try to explain my repulsion. The plot centers around the abduction of a fashion model by a terrorist environmental group. She is held against her will in the wilderness in mortal fear of cougars and the lack of high-liner. I did not make up that last line up as a joke. It is exactly what she states she is afraid of. In an attempt to win over the public, they broadcast clips of her imprisonment to the public. They also promise to release secret government documents on global warming. Gee, how imaginative. I'm signing on the dotted line right now.

This might be barely palatable if there were any likable people in the book. The model is a brat and her daughter who is looking for her is an even bigger brat. The environmentalists are idiots (as a former activist in environmental causes, I think I have enough experience in real life to call them idiots) and the government agents are psychopathic idiots. The only real difference between the two is the activists try to justify their violence as being necessary to their cause while the government agents maim and torture just for fun. They're probably left-overs from the Bush administration

There is a lot of dialogue about global warming between the action and most of them are juvenile. In fact, this book is so silly, I'm prepared to believe that the other side wrote this just to make the environmentalists look stupid.

And did I mention that it is written very badly?

So, as you can see, I hated this book. The only reason I finished it was for the perverse reason of seeing how bad it would get. That was the only area in which it did not disappoint me.