NOS4A2 - Joe Hill This is Joe Hill's third novel. The first two were excellent horror novels. But this third novel with the funny title should be the one that puts him in the household name department and prove he is no fly-by-night wannabee. Sounds a lot like...There was that other horror writer who shone through on his third novel. What's that guy's name again? Oh yeah, his dad.

It is a little unfortunate that Joe Hill is compared to his dad a lot which is why he chose a pen name to begin with. I guess it can't be avoided. Yet NOS4A2 may also be the novel where he will start separating from the King name. Joe Hill has a surrealistic quality that is all his own. Yet he still manages to keep his most fantastical ideas edged in the "real" world. The plot centers around the idea that some people have a talent in stretching or suspending the natural world and can use items as a conduit to realize their ability. For one, It is a bicycle that takes her to places to locate lost objects. For another, there are Scrabble tiles that spell out warnings. And for another, it is a car that takes him to a sinister world of his own making. That's a lot of ideas for one novel but Hill has a real talent for plot structure. It doesn't hurt that he also has a talent for making the most odd notions seem plausible. He also forms strong characters, heroes and villains, that are not overshadowed by the plot; which is sometime a problem for that relative of his. NOS4A2 has a good chance for being the best horror novel by the end of the year and that can only bode well for the author. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys horror and fantasy.