Fluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings - Christopher Moore After completing Fluke, I started to envision this fantasy scenario on how the novel came to be...

Book Publisher: Thank you for coming in today, Mr. Moore. I wanted to discuss the manuscript you sent us.

Christopher Moore: Yes, of course. The Song Cycles and Migratory Habits of Whales. Did you like it?

BP: Well, liking it isn't really the point. It's about whales.

CM: And?

BP. No. I mean...It's really about whales. It's non fiction. Unfunny non-fiction.

CM: But that's my point! Everybody expects me to be funny all the time. I'm so funny people do not realize how much research I do on my topics. I have a serious side. I want to inform, to research, to make a serious contribution to society!

BP. But...your contract specifies a novel... a funny novel. I'm not sure people are ready for Christopher Moore the oceanographer. Isn't there some way you can change it. Put in a plot? Make it funny? Perhaps add a Rastafarian wanna-be and a crazy lady millionaire?

CM: I'll see what I can do.

Three weeks later:

BP: I just read your new draft. I'm glad you changed the title. I must say it is really funny.

CM: So what did you like about it?

BP: I loved the Rastafarian wanna-be. And I loved the sci-fi elements. That's a little different than your previous works. I have to hand it to you. I not only laughed a lot but I learned a lot about whales. Your research really is impressive.

CM: Thank you.

BP: And I loved that gotcha moment at the beginning where the marine biologist sees "Bite Me" written on the tail of the whale.

CM: I'm glad, because you were my inspiration for that part.

BP. Why, Than...Oh.

CM: Now, lets talk about my new manuscript that I sent you recently. A Concise History of European Impressionist Artists and Their Models

BP: Uh...Yeah...I wanted to talk to you about that...