Edge of Dark Water - Joe R. Lansdale Joe Lansdale seems to be in a rut lately. Fortunately it is a good rut. His last two books, not counting the brief Hap and Leonard novellas, featured children on the run. All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky is considered YA and so is, I believe, Edge of Dark Water. But it's pretty rough and unusual YA if it is that.

He also seems to be channeling Mark Twain. This novel has a lot of similarities to Huckleberry Finn right down to the raft and various racial issues. The novel takes place in East Texas in the Great Depression. Lansdale always had a feeling for this period and he catches the time and place perfectly.

This is definitely in the top ten of Lansdale's novel yet I removed a star due to the sameness of it when compared to the formerly mentioned book and other great Lansdale novels like The Bottoms.