The Twelve - Justin Cronin In my five-star review of The Passage, I commented that Cronin was one-thirds into writing a 21th century literary epic. Now it's two-thirds finished as The Twelve, the second installment of the author's Passage Trilogy, is as stellar a work as his first volume.

The Twelve goes back to the beginning of the apocalypse where we are introduced to new characters including a delusional female scientist and a janitor who is linked to the original viral carriers that make up what is known as The Twelve. As in the first book, Cronin covers a hundred years span and we are reintroduced to the characters from the first book who now have their own goals and agendas. The author weaves a complex tale where nothing is simple or obvious. This is a massive epic work that not only has an unique take on the vampire tale but has taken the post-apocalyptic novel to new heights. Unlike The Passage, this work has a clear ending yet does give us a big surprise and a good idea where the third and last installment will take us. This is one of the best novels of 2012 and hands down the best horror novel I've read this year.