Evil at Heart - Chelsea Cain While Heartsick was a nifty twist on the serial killer novel and Sweetheart was a good if predictable follow-up, the third installment of the Grechen Lowell series loses the excitement. Evil at Heart misses on many levels. Gretchen Lowell barely shows up, Archie Sheridan descends from tragic to pathetic and the author seems to be wingin' it through 80% of this novel. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the book is the author's choice to make an indictment of our society's habit of glorifying murderers. While there may be an argument to be made here, I do not think it should come from a writer whose bestseller status rides on the exploits of a sexy charismatic serial killer. I think the Gretchen Lowell series is officially running on fumes. I hear there is a fourth book but count me out.