The Amityville Horror - Jay Anson This is bad in so many ways. First, it is fiction masquerading as fact. The story of this hoax is out there enough so I don't have to repeat it but the evidence should convince all but the most ardent true believer that this "true story", with the exception of the original DeFeo murder, was totally fabricated. Second, it is really terrible fiction. I am convinced that Mr. Anson had some kind of encyclopedia on hauntings and as he flipped through it he said, "Swarm of flies? I'll put that on page twenty-two. Cold spots? page eleven." It is so sloppily put together and badly written that I'm sure Mr. Anson realized it would be no more than a bottom shelf remainder unless there was some juicy "real" paranormal tie-in. Please don't waste your time with this. There are some perfectly good books out there on paranormal sightings and lots of great haunted house novels like Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House or Richard Matheson's Hell HousE that will thrill you. And just for the record, all of those Amityville movies suck too. Don't ask me why I bothered to watch them after hating the book so much. I guess I'm a masochist.