Offspring: The Sequel to Off Season - Jack Ketchum, Neal McPheeters Four and a half stars. Almost as good as the original.

I am always leery of sequels. There seems to be two types of sequel writers. Those who are in it for the money. "Shake that moneymaker! Keep them wanting more". Then there is the reluctant writer who is nagged by his publisher to write a sequel to his best selling novel. "OK! OK! just leave me alone. I'll write a sequel then complain to the press that I never wanted to do it".

Then there is the rare writer who goes back to his novel because he legitimately has something more to say. Of course I can never be sure, but Ketchum's Offspring, a sequel to his ground breaking horror novel, Off Season seems to be that type of novel. He starts it 14 years later. The now retired alcoholic sheriff is brought into a murder that copies those by the strange cannibal family from the first novel. They were thought to be killed off but that would have been too simple. Right?.

There is the expected blood and gore. No one writes heart-pounding action like Ketchum. Yet he spends more time fleshing out his characters in this one; both the villagers and the cannibals. It is a worthy successor to Off Season. Should give it five stars but it is a sequel.