Already Dead - Charlie Huston Already Dead is a rollicking, no-holds-barred film noir vampire pastiche. Main protagonist Joe Pitt is a Mike Hammer with fangs and no suntan. As low vamp on the totem pole, Pitt gets it from all sides of the undead crime underground. Picking no side and forced to do favors here and there for the various vampire factions just to survive, he is pushed into a job to find a missing girl which develops into a complex scheme that would make Phillip Marlow's head spin. The combination of vampire and gumshoe is played to perfection with Charlie Huston's nail biting style of writing keeping the reader glued to the book until the end. This is the first of a series. It is currently available for the kindle as a free book with the idea that you will buy the rest of the series when the author decides to treat us to more Joe Pitt adventure. It worked. I'm hooked.

P.S. I just discovered Already Dead was originally released in 2005 and there are already four more novels in the series. Yippe

P.S.S. No longer free.