No Dominion - Charlie Huston If I ever get reincarnated as a fictional character, I do not want to end up in a Charlie Huston novel. Joe Pitt is a good example. In this second installment of the Joe Pitt Casebook, much like the first, Joe goes to a New York hell and back; gets beat up, burned up, tortured, passed around evil vampire clans like a ping pong ball and, unlike any other private investigator, still never gets to have sex with his girl. Joe is a vampire too and rather low on the social register. Yet what makes Joe Pitt so much fun is that he knows it. He's a survivor and we root for him to survive. The ultimate underdog. Throw in a dark and seedy New York loaded with vampires with agendas and double-crosses (not that kind of cross) and you might discover why this is my favorite adult series second only to Joe R. Lansdale's Hap and Leonard, another pair of underdogs. Not much else to say but on to book 3.