Make Room! Make Room! - Harry Harrison First thing, Forget about the movie Soylent Green which was based on Harry Harrison's novel about overpopulation, Make Room! Make Room!. There is no Charleston Heston screaming , "Soylent Green is people!" and nothing about cannibalism. What we have instead is a very effective and disquieting look at a future where overpopulation is rampant and food and water sources are depleting. While he centers his story around a New York detective and a "accidental" murder, Harrison is more interested in depicting his character's more personal responsse to their environment. Sol (beautifully played by Edward G. Robinson in the movie and the best thing about the film) is most memorable with his ability to remember the past and his examination of where they went wrong. His soliloquy on birth control still rings true today. Yet all the novel's protagonists are nicely developed. Considering the topic, this is actually a fairly subtle novel and one of the best novels by veteran Sci-fi writer Harrison. Highly recommended with a strong four stars.