The Lost World -  Arthur Conan Doyle Professor Challenger is Arthur Conan Doyle's other eccentric hero. While I loved the Sherlock Holmes stories, I never got around to reading this well-known adventure novel until now. Challenger, along with a rival professor, a big game hunter and the narrator, a young reporter, go to Venezuela to find a plateau where dinosaurs still survive. It is a very enjoyable tale but certainly not up to the best of the Holmes stories. Those into action and those interested in the early origins of science fiction will enjoy this. The 1912 novel does have some ideas and themes that may bother the 21th century reader. The South American Indians are portrayed as inferior, almost as children, and the idea of wiping out an entire race of ape-like sapiens will repulse some. It is probably best to realize and accept the times in which this story was written. However, if you are looking for a rip-roaring adventure yarn, you have found it