San Diego Lightfoot Sue and other stories - Tom Reamy Tom Reamy is one of those authors who died too soon and left only a handful of writings; a separately published novel and these short stories which are collected in this handsomely bound book. The standout is the wonderfully bittersweet "San Diego Lightfoot Sue". It is a quiet classic of dark fantasy. Unfortunately the rest of the stories pale in comparison. "Insects in Amber" is downright painful, featuring a small unbelievable child to whom foreword writer Harlan Ellison described as "the kind of kid I'd like to dropkick." The real mystery here is whether Ton Reamy could ever have reached the heights of "San Diego Lightfoot Sue" again. Due to his untimely death, we will never know. Instead. we get a five star short masterpiece dropped into a bunch of 2 and 3 star stories. So I'll give it three stars, with a recommendation to seek out SDLS and read it.