Double Dexter - Jeff Lindsay After six novels and six seasons, it might be nice to compare where Dexter is as related to its two media universes. I should say there are spoilers for those who never read or seen Dexter (but no spoilers for Double Dexter) but anyone who has not read or seen Dexter and is reading this review of the sixth novel deserves to be spoiled.

So here we are with the various characters that make up DexterLand.

Lt. Guerta: TV - alive and kicking as one of the major characters
BOOK - Murdered by Dexter's brother (Brian) in book 1

Sgt. Angel Batista: TV - majorly alive and married to Guerta
BOOK - alive but totally inconsequential

Brian Morgan - TV - Killed by Dexter in first season
BOOK: Still alive

Doakes: TV - Framed and murdered in Season 2
BOOK - Still alive but missing arms, a tongue and is pissed

Rita: TV - Murdered in Season 4
BOOK - Still alive and annoying

Rita's Kids: TV - Sweet little angels
BOOK - Mini-Dexters

Dexter's baby: TV - A son named Harrison (Mini-Dexter?)
BOOK - A daughter named Lily Ann. (Sweet little angel?)

Debra Morgan: TV - Does not know Dexter's secret
BOOK - Knows Dexter's secret.

Masuka: TV - Comic Relief
BOOK: Masuka? Who's Masuka?

So as you can see, TV series and books took their own routes in DexterLand. Only Season 1 follows the book. In many ways, the TV series has surpassed the book series for developing its characters and adding real emotional depth to the world's nicest serial killer.

But that may be changing in Double Dexter. The novel Dexter is getting more complex. He is really trying to get into the family life as he sees it. One of the funniest sub-plots in the book is Dexter attempting to do the Cub Scout thing with Cody. Yet this Dexter is also a little meaner which is a good thing. The Dexter reader shouldn't lose the sense that he is a cold-blooded killer . That's where the edge is in this series. I also enjoy Lindsay's sharp and wicked wit which is in full view in this installment. This may be the first Dexter book since number one that had me laughing out loud. Dexter has been a somewhat uneven book series but with this one and Dexter is Delicious, the author has managed to get his groove back.