Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power - Rachel Maddow It seems that since my birth in the 1950s, America has been in perpetual wars. Since 2001, we have been in perpetual war. Rachel Maddow's intriguing look at the evolution of military action in America does a lot of explaining why this is so. We as a nation have done three things in the last 40 years that makes this so.

1) the presidents, through manipulation and the assent of an indifferent Congress, have much mor power in declaring military action than the constitution allows.

2) War no longer demands the sacrifice of the citizenry, making us more complacent.

3) Outsourcing military action to private companies has removed much of the ability to oversee actions and prevent abuses.

Maddow's research is quite impressive and of course her rather droll wit helps in making this look at politics and the military quite enjoyable. She also does not let any president, from Reagan to Obama off the hook. I recommend this book if, like me, you wonder what this nation has become the world's pit bull and why we are so eager to step into a fight