Pinheads and Patriots: Where You Stand in the Age of Obama - Bill O'Reilly I read this in an afternoon. It's an easy read not only because O'Reilly has a casual style but there is nothing in here that is very heavy. If you watched his TV show you pretty much know every thing here.

Even though I may be risking my hard-earned liberal credentials, I actually like Mr. O'Reilly. Yes he is arrogant. I've been called that more than once myself. He can also be a bully which is my main complaint concerning his TV presence. Yet, while he is in most ways a traditional conservative he does not descent into the mindless realms of Hannity and Coulter. He will even occasionally admit (GASP!) when the other person has a good point. That makes him the fairest of all Fox News personalities even though I agree with Jon Stewart in his comment that saying Bill is fair is like calling him the thinnest kid at Fat Camp. O'Reilly tries to be fair with Obama in this book, as most of it deals with our current president, and in most cases he is. I even agree with a few of his criticisms. The bottom line is Bill is a conservative and will never see eye to eye with a liberal president. Yet he rarely descends to name calling and hate-mongering.

The most fun part of the book is O'Reilly's takes on who is a pinhead and who is a patriot. Some of the answers may surprise you. Whether you agree or not, this is a fun quick read. I ended up giving it three stars but frankly I expect a political opinion book such as this to make me think a little more.