Gil's All Fright Diner - A. Lee Martinez
Melinda raised her head and uttered a low, haunting howl. The rest of the herd joined her in a bloodcurdling moan that seemed to bubble up from the sulfurous pit of Hell itself


Gotta love those zombie cows! Rockwood is sort of a Texas redneck version of Sunnydale with its own answer to the Hellmouth. Vampire Earl and werewolf Duke run out of gas in the God-forsaken county of Rockwood and offers to help Loretta, owner of Gil's All-Night Diner, solve her zombie problem. But the problem becomes so much more than zombies with a teenage sorceress and her hormonally burdened assistant, a lonely graveyard guardian, a ghost terrier, and Lovecraftian Old Ones all complicating the matter. The story is both hokey and stomach-cramping hilarious. It kept me laughing and sometimes a little grossed out but I was thoroughly entertained.