Afraid - Jack Kilborn At the end of this book is this "About the Author" blurb...
Jack Kilborn prefers not to share personal details about his life. He could be living anywhere. Possibly near you
Considering what he writes, that is a very scary thought.

Fortunately, I do know where he lives. He resides in the body of author J. A. Konrath. During the day he is harmless. But at night, he sneaks out and makes Mr. Konrath write these deliciously disgusting little books.

Or at least that is the way I imagine it.

The one thing that is clear is that Kilborn is not for everyone. Afraid is a non-stop action/horror novel that is waist-deep in blood and violence. It is also very creative and very witty in a droll sick way. The basic plot features an invasion of a Wisconsin town by a special forces team from Hell, figuratively speaking. What they are after and who will survive is the mystery. If you like action and horror you will get a satisfying double dose. If you don't, I understand The Help is available on DVD.