You Shall Never Know Security - J.R.  Hamantaschen It took me longer than usual to read this fascinating collection of stories by J. R. Hamantaschen because I read many of them twice. Once to experience the exceptional style of the author's writings and another to figure what the heck he was writing about.

Before you misinterpret the above paragraph let me say that it is a major compliment. Hamantaschen can really turn a phrase. His fiction merits attentive reading. But he also has a rather dense style of writing with themes and plots that can send you a bit out of focus. Like horror writers Dennis Etchison and, to a lesser degree, T.E.D. Klein, he excels at taking the mundane everyday issues and turning them on its head. "Jordan, when are you going to settle down, marry, and have us some children" starts with a common nightmare that some guys worry about on a first date and turns it horribly wrong. "A Parasite Inside Your Brain" is deeply disturbing in its simplicity. "Nothing", the last and longest tale in the book, starts with a horrifying incident but is more about the quieter but no less terrifying aftermath of one of the protagonists. Hamantaschen is a younger author, 27 years old according to the book blurb, and occasionally a passage will reveal that this is a writer still polishing his craft. However, the depth of these writings is quite impressive and it bodes well for this new writer of avant-horror.