Wet Desert: Tracking Down a Terrorist on the Colorado River - Gary   Hansen OK. First a gripe. One of the things about reading this novel was that sooner or later the author would mention my home town of Blythe, California. After all, it is right on the Colorado River and he has mentioned every single settlement from Page, Arizona on down. So on page 301 I finally read this little nugget of dialogue...
"What town is that up there?" Grant asked.

"Oh that would be the thriving metropolis of Blythe, California" Lloyd responded.
There were many words Grant could use to describe Blythe, but neither thriving nor metropolis came to mind.

Then our heroes grab a hamburger and leave.

And there is this little dig on page 239 when Grant is asked what is below Lake Havasu and Parker...
"Not Much. Just a couple of hick towns and an Indian reservation before you get to Yuma".

Hick town? And just what do you have against Blythe, Mr. Hansen?

Fortunately, I'm not the kind to hold a grudge, especially when the author writes such a page turner of a suspense thriller like Wet Desert. And doubly so when he writes it with so much accurate knowledge about the American Southwest and the Colorado River. I have been to many of the places he writes about on the river including having hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and Hansen has captured the area superbly. His characters are also well developed and brings the plot alive all the way to the exciting end. If you enjoy edge-of -the-seat action thrillers you will love this.