Invictus: Nelson Mandela and the Game That Made a Nation - John Carlin Good if flawed account of Mandela's struggle to unify South Africa. The author did a good job in showing how tenuous the country was during Mandela's term as president and Mandela"s role in stabilizing a very dangerous period in history. However there are just too many flaws in this book to thoroughly enjoy it. First, there is the formal and stiff writing style of the author. It tends to be unfocused in describing the events. Secondly, while The author sincerely admires Mandela, and there is much to be admired, the adulation tends to be a bit heavy. Third, The Rugby part of the book doesn't really become important until the last quarter. This is probably good since I know nothing about Rugby, however I found it more inspiring to read about how Mandela worked with his past enemies to unify a country. In the scheme of things even this Rugby game seeedm to be a bit exaggerated in its importance. This is a good example of the movie being better than the book.