How to Ruin Your Life - Ben Stein This is cute. I like Ben Stein's sarcastic humor despite the execrable documentary Expelled. Mr. Stein notes 35 tips on how to be a failure, all of them common sense. Yet, as a social worker, I know common sense is not as common as it sounds. Of course, one way to ruin your life (my tip, not Mr. Stein's) is to never read. So the ones who need this book will never read it. Such is life.

Since Mr. Stein's tips are a bit common sense and all-encompassing, I decided to impart my own wisdom (using Stein's tip: "Consider yourself the source of all knowledge") and give more specific advice on what not to do if you wish to be a sucess in life.

1) Never place a swastika tattoo on your forehead.
2) Never make bomb jokes in an airport.
3) Never say anything anti-cat to my wife.
4. Never ask Ben Stein for science advice.

You're welcome.