You Suck - Christopher Moore You Suck doesn't have the zing that is prevalent in the first book of Moore's Love Story trilogy titled Bloodsucking Fiends. However it is still really funny and introduces some new quirky characters to play off of the Romeo and Juliet vampire pair, Tommy and Jody. We now have 16 year old vampire-wanna-be Abby Normal, a blue prostitute (as in the color not the emotion), and William the Wino and his huge cat Chet. The rest of the gang is still there including Elijah, the emperor, and the animals, a supermarket night crew who is ready to forsake the underrated sport of turkey bowling to become full-time vampire hunters. If this novel doesn't deliver the laughs like its predecessor, it is probably because the author may have spread himself a bit thin between the larger cast of characters and the various sub-plots. Yet Tommy and Jody are still an engaging couple as they fumble around in their new found vampirism and all the humans are unmistakably human in their desires and their flaws. Cute but not great.