The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror - Christopher Moore I just picked this book for our book club's December read but couldn't wait until December to read it. I guess you can say that a little Christmas mayhem is good for any time of the year. And if you think Christmas tales are rather lame, peruse this single paragraph at the beginning of the novel.
In another Christmas story, Dale Pearson, evil developer, self-absorbed woman hater, and seemingly unredeemable curmudgeon, might be visited in the night by a series of ghosts who, by showing him bleak visions of Christmas future, past, and present, would bring about in him a change to generosity, kindness, and a general warmth toward his fellow man. But this is not that kind of Christmas story, so here in not too many pages, someone is going to dispatch the miserable son of a bitch with a shovel. That's the spirit of Christmas yet to come in these parts. Ho, ho, ho.

The Stupidest Angel is anything but the normal Christmas tale. Christopher Moore has revived the residents of Pine Cove, and some other characters from his other novels, with all their silliness and insanity and added an angel that is one part the Terminator and two part Jim Carry from Dumb and Dumber. This rather short novel has more one-liners than a Henny Youngman convention and more laughs than a barrel of tea party congressmen. I especially loved the return of Roberto T. Fruitbat from Island of the Sequined Love Nun but you do not need to have read any of Moore's other novels to enjoy this one. Put this on your Christmas list and hope someone doesn't kill Santa Claus before December.