Loop - Koji Suzuki, Glynne Walley Warning: While there are no spoilers for Loop, it is impossible to adequately review this book with giving massive spoilers for Ring and Spiral If you have not read the first two books of the Ring trilogy you might want to skip this.

No? Then onward.

Most everyone knows the plot of Ring due to the popularity of the movie of the same name. People watch a video and die seven days later. The first book is mainly in the horror genre and of the supernatural realm. Spiral turns that on its head. We discover that the video installs a virus in the viewer that is quickly mutating. All of the sudden, we are now reading a technological horror thriller of the medical variety.

But Suzuki is not finished. He now gives us Loop amd we once again are thrown off the cliff in this convoluted trilogy. Our new protagionist is Kaoru, a bright young man in a world with an unstoppable cancer threatening the human race. Where this ends up I will not say but we are 180 degree from Ring and in a world similiar to what Crichton may have written, except Suzuki can actually write. Loop weaves and punches all the way through, leaving the reader spinning on the mat. This is a winning novel that surprises and rewards even though the reader may be disoriented by the way it veers from the original. But it veers masterly and with few holes and perfect logic. Koji Suziki may or may not be the Japanese Stephen King. But, as much as I love King, I've never seen King writes with this much intelligence or finesse. The author writes Loop in a way that it stands alone but I highly recommend you read all three books in chronological order to get the full wonderful effect.