Complicity - Iain Banks The most masterful quality of Iain Banks' novel titled Complicity is its use of first and second person narration. Cameron Colley is a drug abusing journalist who is barely making it and is betting his reputation on a mysterious source giving information on a series of murders from five years ago. We read his story through his eyes, in first person. Alternately we are vicariously led by second person narration through a series of murders and humiliation assaults in present day London. These two stories eventually meet but the trip to the junction is strewn with Banks' beautiful prose and nail-biting descriptions. We also get have a socio-political point to this novel but to describe it would spoil the journey. The best thing to say about it is that The author may have set his story in the Hatcherite England of the 90s but his commentary still rings true. This is only the second Iain Banks novel I read, The Wasp Factory being the first, but it will not be the last.