How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming - Mike Brown This is perhaps the most entertaining book on astronomy I've ever read. I hesitate to even call it a science book. While there is lots of information on our solar system that I didn't even know, this is more of a personal journey for the author, chronicling his victories and his frustrations in his search for a tenth planet while committing planetary homicide along the way. It is Mike Brown's light humor and witty insight that makes this book work so well.

So what have I learned?

1) Planet demotion isn't unique. In fact not only have planets been demoted before Pluto but being a planet is a bad career move.

2) Science is a shady business. After talking to a scientist about your new discovery always check your back for stab wounds.

3) There are rules in naming astronomical bodies. Always check with the astronomy committees before naming your planet after a TV warrior queen.

4) Speaking of naming, Petunia is an awful name for a baby girl. I'm sure she is happy you changed it.

Seriously, this book was a very informative look at the process of science and how scientists search for new entities in space. This is the type of science book that will appeal to anyone no matter what the level of astronomical knowledge.