I Don't Want to Kill You - Dan Wells I just finished the John Wayne Cleaver trilogy by Dan Wells and here is my ratings for each novel:

I An Not a Serial Killer: Four stars
Mr. Monster: Four and a half stars.
I Don't Want to Kill You: Five stars.

I listed my rating because this is what I think a trilogy should do. It should build on each book making the next one even better. You should never get the feeling that the author is just trying to finish it up or complete for the pay check. Dan Wells appears totally invested in each work. In fact, the character of John Wayne Cleaver becomes quite complex and the reader is totally involved in how he tries to resolve his sociopathic dilemma. I would call this third installment a perfect example of how to end a trilogy. The author did leave room for possible sequels. That is okay, in fact it is welcomed, but this trilogy is perfect the way it is.

I would like to know from others what they think of the Young Adult label for this series. When I read the first book, I had no idea it was promoted as YA. Except for the fact that the protagonist is 15 years old, it is quite gruesome and touches on, if oh so carefully, some pretty heady topics. Would you want your 13 year old to read this? When I was 13 years old I would have devoured something like this but I was considered a pretty weird 13 year old. Things have changed, haven't they?