The Kult - Shaun Jeffrey The Kult has some pretty exciting moments and Shaun Jeffrey has a real gift for narrative. However, I found myself suspending disbelief a few times too often to really love this novel. It's an interesting idea regarding a serial killer who displays his victims as art with clues to his motives. Meanwhile, the detective who is investigating the murders becomes involved in a copy cat killing to help his friends. I think you can probably see the problem. It is too much of a leap of faith for me to believe the plot and also accept the investigator as anyone deserving of the kind of empathy needed to motivate a true emotional involvement in the reader. I understand that this was the author's first crime novel and he already had a reputation for supernatural horror. I plan to read one of those novels for his gift seems more suitable to the supernatural horror genre where suspension of disbelief becomes a bit easier. In the meantime, The Kult is still a fun read that will keep you guessing.