Devil Red (Hap and Leonard) - Joe R. Lansdale Another great book in Joe R. Lansdale's series about Hap and Leonard, the mystery world's most unlikely couple. Hap, a white straight liberal who wonders why people just can't get along and Leonard, a black gay Vietnam veteran who votes Republican and equates right and wrong with beating the crap out of bad guys. If you want to know what Devil Red is about, read the official description above. Anything else would be a spoiler. So instead of a critique, here are my four favorite Hap and Leonard quotes from Devil Red. Please note that none of these are spoilers and there are ten great lines to every one listed here...

1: HAP (about a bad part of town): It was the kind of place where even the mice belonged to gangs.

2. LEONARD: We're so mean, our mean wears a hat and tie.

3. HAP: Do not try to clean bird shit off a windshield by using the wipers. It doesn't work. Cursing does not clean it either.

4. LEONARD: There's something about this whole thing still bothers me. It's like an animal called Not Quite Right crawled up my ass and is wiggling around.
HAP: I thought you enjoyed that sort of thing.
LEONARD: Wrong kind of animal.

OK. That's it. go away.