City Infernal - Edward Lee Of all the Dante's Infernal rip-offs I've read...and that's quite a few books...This may be the strangest. The author scuttles the seven circles completely and goes for a cross between The Land of Oz and Detroit. However, Mr. Lee does have a nice plot going for him; Goth twin is guilty about "causing" her other twin's suicide and discovers a way to go to hell to ask for forgiveness. The plot is actually a bit more complex than that. But the plot is secondary to the machinations of Hell's politics and the gross-out descriptions of its citizens. Genre-wise, this fits a bit more into urban fantasy than horror despite a number of horrific happenings. I actually enjoyed it but was a bit annoyed to find out it is a first of a series. I sincerely believe there should be a mandatory tag on first books in series: "Danger: the author will leave you hanging in a transparent attempt to bilk you of more of your hard earned money." If there was a pay=off at the end I would be giving this four stars, but now only three...maybe three and a half.