Piercing - Ryū Murakami I can't figure out if Piercing is horror or dark comedy, probably both. The novel concerns a man who fights a compulsion to stab his infant child with an icepick. (Did I lose you already?). He fights that compulsion with a logic that is perfectly sane for a man who is insane, Go stab someone else. But his intended victim is just as insane as he is. This novella focuses on their single encounter which is as weird and disturbing as you would think it would be. Often I found it a bit over-the-top which is a strange thing to say about the author that wrote the already-over-the-top In The Miso Soup but there is a need to see where these two characters take their encounter. Another issue was with the unlikability of the two protagonists. Wanting two disturbed people to be likeable may sound weird but Murakami's forte is making the insane and homicidal attractively human. That doesn't happen here. Yet this was a good but weird tale that fits right into the author's strange world.