Dawn - Octavia E. Butler Octavio Butler was an unique voice in science fiction. I have only read Wild Seed and a few short stories before, but Dawn, the first of the Xenogenesis series, is in keeping with her recurring themes. Lilith finds herself revived after a 250 years sleep on a alien spaceship. She discovers that she and other humans are the last survivors of a devastating war that ended life on Earth. They will be trained and returned to a rejuvenated Earth by the aliens. However, there is always a catch. The discerning reader has probably noticed the name Butler has chosen for her protagonist and it will give you a hint to where this tale will be going. Butler's women are usually in situations between prisoner and rebel with no certainty of their final role. They are also amazingly strong and complex persons. This is of course the first book so there is much uncertainty here. Yet Butler immerses you in both the characters and the world, a double treat few science fiction writers can do.