QUICKER THAN THE EYE - SIGNED FIRST EDITION SOCIETY - Ray Bradbury This 1996 collection of later short tales illustrates just how subjective the measurement of a literary genius can be. If these short stories were written by a new writer the critics would be raving. But these pieces are written by a older gentlemen whose genius has already been proven and proven again. Bradbury's masterpiece collections of short fiction will always be books like The Martian Chronicle and The Illustrated Man. The stories in Quicker Than The Eye are beautifully written but they do not meet the expectations expected from a writer of Bradbury's esteem. They are often more like brief ideas or outlines than fully fleshed fiction. A couple are homages to other icons such as Laurel and Hardy or Dorian Gray and these happen to be my favorites of the lot. But any Bradbury piece is worth reading so enjoy!